Who am I? 

KateI’m Kate, foodie, fangirl, runner, writer, reader, English teacher and theater aficionado living in Rochester, Minnesota, home of the world famous Mayo Clinic. I teach high school English and theater, and my husband owns his own property management and home remodeling business, making us, maybe, one of the few couples in Rochester that doesn’t have some kind of connection back to the clinic or the field of medicine. As he grows faint at the sight of blood, this is probably for the best!

I love to travel, drink wine, read books, tell stories, and chill with a tight knit group of friends that has bonded over doing much of the same! ink. will cover a little bit of all of that, and will hopefully tap some of them for their expertise in areas which I’m still trying to grow. ink. is my passion project, the best parts of life, and the product of a personal journey that started years earlier on the pages and posts of my first blog, ‘Heels or Sneakers’.

The story of ink. 

In 2011, amidst starting my first job as a teacher and taking my first steps as a recreational long distance runner, I put down the first words of what would become a three year labor of love, Heels or Sneakers. “This is the story of two journeys,” I wrote in my opening post. But in truth, it was the story of one journey. My journey to me.

What Heels or Sneakers was to self discovery, ink. is now to self actualization. While we all can continue to learn about ourselves, it’s also OK to know ourselves. Not that this means we stay static or stagnant, but rather that at some point we must know our worth, and know what makes life worth it.

I know I feel better about the week if I dress up on Mondays. I know I need to stretch more (though I continue to discover all the ways my body will hate me when I don’t!). I know that my students see me as a force to be reckoned with, and on any given day, my husband probably does too! I know that a bottle of wine can get me through just about any evening for just about any occasion, and also that if I drink too much of said bottle, I get a bit of a potty mouth. I know where I’ve realized my full potential, and also where I can continue to push. ink. was a place where I needed to push!

I loved blogging. ink. is a return to the best of it! It is a new journey, but not one to find me, one to find others…a community for fun, positivity, inspiration, big ideas, and the little things that make your day. It’s a place for all life’s best “inks.” Thoughtful curation and colorful commentary on ThINKS, drINKS, wINKS, and lINKS to the best life (and the internet!) has to offer. So that we all might self actualize and live INKspired.

What to expect from ink. 

ink. will be updated two or three times weekly with new posts and/or updated pages. Please feel free to like, comment, and share. I love to answer questions, follow up with comments, and connect to other bloggers. ink. is, at its heart, designed to create community, and I hope you’ll come and be a part of it!