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August is about the heart, and heat, of summer. Eat a popsicle. Drink a cocktail. Have a bonfire. budsGrill out. Wear your swimsuit all day long. Read. Dance. Laugh a lot. Soak up the very best of summer while we have it. (Remember fellow Minnesotans, we need this month to last us through a long, cold, dark winter!!) These are the feelings and activities that inspired this month’s list! Enjoy and cheers!


“Might as well dance” – Jason Mraz – TRACK
“Give love” – Andy Grammar feat. LunchMoney Lewis – TRACK
“Thank God I got her” – Jonny Diaz – TRACK
“I believe in you” – Michael Buble – TRACK (Note: Worth it just for the music video!)
“Brand new” – Ben Rector – TRACK
“Workin’ on it” – Andy Grammar – TRACK
“What we live for” – American Authors – TRACK
“Have it all” – Jason Mraz – TRACK
“Good old days” – Macklemore feat. Kesha – TRACK
“The luckiest” – Ben Folds – TRACK (If this one seems random, it’s a pure shout out for my husband who I have never felt luckier to have then when I came to on the floor of the Italian train after having passed out on Sunday…the rest of this story is coming soon I promise…”And in a wide sea of (confused and concerned Italian) eyes, I see one that I recognize, and I know that I am the luckiest!”)
“If I dare” – Sara Bareilles –TRACK
“Faith” – Stevie Wonder feat Ariana Grande – TRACK


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