The Wine List

wineLooking for a bottle mentioned in a previous ink. post? Well, you’re in luck. Either search the “tags” section of the homepage for “wine,” or scroll through the list below to find your favorite label. Check back for special Wine List Extras. Cheers.


Wine for your weekend 6/1/18 Kirkland Signature: Willamette Valley 2015

Wine for your weekend 6/8/18 Cigar Zinfandel

Wine for your weekend 7/6/18 7 Moons Red Blend

Wine List Extra! Peckerhead Red – Grace Hill Winery – Whitewater, KS – $14: Let’s be honest, you did not think of having your wine imported…from Kansas. This one is WORTH IT! A blend of Chambourcin, Norton, and Concord, this sweet red wine is bursting with strawberry flavors, with a peppery finish. Grace Hill will ship to 35 states, and you might as well just order a case!

Wine List Extra! Cinque Figlie 2015 – Villa Bellezza – Pepin, WI – $25: While I promise the bulk of the wine list choices will be more widely distributed and accessible, these wine list extras are the bonus bottles worth searching for! Villa Bellezza winery is a blast to visit in general, and this bottle of semi-sweet red is the reason I belong to their case club! Notes of black cherry, dried fruit, and a hint of mocha. This one is an award winner and completely and utterly drinkable!


Wine for your weekend 7/13/18 Prairie Fume – Wollersheim Winery – Prairie Du Sac

Wine for your weekend 6/29/18 Maui Splash – Hawaii

Wine for your weekend 6/15/18 Gazela Vinho Verde

Wine List Extra! Tavola 2016 – Villa Bellezza – Pepin, WI – $16: This is to white what the Cinque Figlie is to reds, a local wine that’s flavorful, semi-sweet, with bright fruity tones and a clean finish. This is one of those white wines that satisfies just about every palette. And again, if you’re not planning your day trip to Villa Bellezza, you’re missing out on more than just a good bottle of wine. Can’t make the trip? They have more limited shipping options, but will currently deliver in 10 states.

Rose and Sparkling

Wine for your weekend 8/31/18 LaMarca Prosecco

Wine for your weekend 8/10/18 Aime Roquesante Cotes de Provence Rosé

Wine for your weekend 8/3/18 Roscato Rose Dulce

Wine List Extra! Roscato: Rosso Dulce – Lombardy Region, Italy – $10: This almost qualifies as a straight Red, but the bottle will fizz when you open it, and there are definite bubbles involved, so be prepared for a little sparkle. Roscato makes a whole line of these sweet, semi-sparkling wine varieties, but the Rosso Dulce is the best for summer patio evenings, appetizer pairings, or a fresh dessert style wine that isn’t as sweet as an ice wine or heavy as a port.